Houseboating in Yellowknife Bay

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Houseboat Bay in Yellowknife is an idyllic little town unto itself. This spectacular community is an array of floating houseboats bursting with frontier spirit. Brilliant pallets of color and unique designs decorate this northern landscape in a site that is truly magnificent. The community has grown over the years, and the colorful and energy-efficient housing in Yellowknife Bay is a one-of-a-kind attraction for this northern city. Summer boat tours offer glimpses of these floating homes, and in winter, ice roads lead right to their doors. 

Residents began calling Houseboat Bay home in the early 1980’s. Although the area remains small, the community has continued to grow over the years. Many northerners are drawn to the culture of houseboat living where ancient ways of life prevail. Stomping out their carbon footprint, these homes are the epitome of environmentally friendly living. Solar energy is relied upon for power, and wood or propane is used for cooking and heating. There’s no plumbing, so when nature calls a compostable toilet awaits.

Summer boat tours allow you to get upfront and personal with this one-of-a-kind community. In the winter, well … it’s one giant skating rink. Imagine clearing those driveways! Spring and fall can be tricky to navigate for obvious reasons. At this time of year residents walk to shore with canoes in tow, just in case.

A 15-minute car ride takes you to this colorful wonderland – a spectacular location to watch the nightly shows of the Aurora. From the hotel, head southwest on Franklin Ave towards 49th Avenue. Turn right on 48 Street and left onto Frontier Trail (MacKenzie Hwy NT-3S). In 1.4 KM turn right onto Ingraham Trail, which leads you straight into Yellowknife Bay.

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