Traveling to Yellowknife in the Fall


The Fall season is a spectacular time to visit the great white north. September is when the Fall season kicks off any visitors can expect a whirlwind of color. Photographers flock to Yellowknife to capture the beauty of the seasons changing.

Here at the end of summer, you can watch the glowing lights dance across the sky, use them to light your way during an evening paddle on Yellowknife Bay. With the weather still above 0, you’ll be able to stay out and enjoy nature’s finest light show.

The Fall season in Yellowknife is particularly busy so we recommend booking accommodation quick and early. Curious about what to pack for your trip to Yellowknife? The best tip for how to dress in Yellowknife is to always dress in layers that you can add and remove as you need. So overdress for the weather then take off layers if you get too warm.

Average Temperature: 6.7°C – Warmest 10°C, Coldest 3.2°C
Average Aurora Observation Nights: 18.8
Tourism Popularity: Camping season is ending and the Fall Aurora Season is peaking. Accommodations are PACKED!

There are plenty of hiking opportunities to enjoy before the weather gets too chilly. If you are lucky you may see some of our spectacular wildlife. Great herds of caribou flow south from the Arctic coast, sweeping through the Barrens toward the treeline. In places, such as along the Dempster Highway or at lodges on the tundra, you’ll find yourself practically in the midst of this great migration. 

In our opinion, Fall is the most beautiful season here in Yellowknife. Yellowknife is the perfect destination to enjoy the rich culture, storied history, and breathtaking sights of Northern Canada. For a combination of exceptional comfort and economic value, choose to make Slave Lake Inn Yellowknife your home away from home in the North. VIEW OUR OFFERS


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