Experience the Canadian Wilderness Like Never Before – Yellowknife Dog Sledding Excursions


If you’re looking for a truly unique cultural experience while immersed in Canada’s northern wilderness, you’ll enjoy dog sledding in Yellowknife. Nothing will take you back in time like soaring across the vast open territory surrounding the Great Slave Lake, mushing behind a pack of powerful, stoic, and majestic animals.

Looking for dog sledding adventures in Yellowknife?

Tugáh Northern Experiences

Celebrate Indigenous culture by taking part in the authentic dog sledding experience provided by Tugáh. From getting the dogs ready for the journey to riding alongside an experienced musher, you’ll witness the entire process of one of the most famous forms of Indigenous transportation.

After a journey that envelops you in the beautiful serenity provided by Canada’s North, head back to a traditional log cabin, enjoy homemade bannock and hot beverages, and examine some of the many Indigenous artifacts and furs on the premises.

Beck’s Kennels Aurora Wonderland

Famous for their dog sled rides, Beck’s Kennel provides a number of different options for those who are looking for a memorable outdoor experience. Enjoy a leisurely ride through the snowy trails in traditional indigenous dog sleds. Dogsledding is a method of winter travel developed by northern Indigenous peoples. Early European explorers and trappers adopted it as the most efficient way to haul goods across snow-covered terrain. Experience the deep connection felt between you and one of Beck’s dog teams as you direct your own sled.

Northern Outdoor Adventure

Visit an authentic trappers tent located in the middle of a frozen lake where you’ll be treated to hot beverages and snacks.

Aurora Viewing by Dog Team

Travel by dog sled to a viewing area to watch the glimmering aurora borealis dance and shimmer across a clear night sky.

Dog Sled Racing and Expeditions

See who out of your friends is the best musher by engaging in a friendly dog sled competition. Take part in the true northern experience by going on a multi-day expedition. Glide through the snow during the day and set up camp in tents and lodges during the night.

Aurora Village

For those looking for a brief dogsled experience while enjoying great food and comfortable accommodations, Aurora Village is the perfect place for you.

Weave in between trees in the forest or fly across open territory while enjoying all the natural beauty the area has to offer. After your ride, enjoy a tasty dinner and your favorite drinks in their newly renovated dining hall. Get a unique perspective of the life led by so many Indigenous groups in the past by going dog sledding in Yellowknife at one of these three great destinations!


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