What to Expect Travelling to Yellowknife in the Summer

Yellowknife locals absolutely love summer! After long, dark, and extremely cold winters we are treated to stunning long summer days. Although many visitors choose to visit during our peak winter months there is something to be said about experiencing a Yellowknife summer.

How Long is a Yellowknife Summer?

Summer in Yellowknife starts in June, and by the summer solstice on June 21 summer activities are in full swing. On the longest day of the year, we celebrate with a street carnival, a midnight sun golf tournament, and a day-long tribute to indigenous culture and peoples. You will experience 20 hours of sunlight in temperatures that can top 30 °C!

What to do in Yellowknife During the Summer

You can swim, sail, water ski, fish, golf, and much more when you visit Yellowknife in the summer. There are festivals and markets that liven the downtown streets. While much of the wildlife is in hibernation, you will still be spoilt for choice and can book tours to see exciting animals. For a full list of activities visit here.

What to Pack for a Summer Trip to Yellowknife

Swap out your boots and parka for shorts and sandals! Our temperatures can each the 30’s! We recommend bringing comfy shoes for all the outdoor adventuring you will do as well as plenty of sunblock and bug spray.

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