Woodyard Brew Pub

From grassroots to almost famous – that’s how we describe Yellowknife’s Woodyard Brew Pub in the historic Old Town neighbourhood. It’s home to the NWT Brewing Company, the Northernmost craft brewery of its kind in the territories. This local gem is a brand that is recognized across Canada thanks to a focus on quality and a whole lotta creativity. Whether you like your beer light or dark, short on the malt or high on the hops, this brew pub has an impressive selection of quality craft beer. For a classic taste we recommend the KickSled Ale – a light bodied cream ale, perfect for a hot summer northern night.

Once you’ve found your favourite brew head over to the Woodyard Pub where fun food is always on the menu. The restaurant stands adjacent to the brewery, and echoes the same hometown charm and quality. They have traditional pub favorites like chicken wings and nachos that always pair well with a cold beer. Other classic eats have a unique northern twist. “The Shack” burger offers up fried eggs and peanut butter as optional toppings (yes, peanut butter). If you prefer nut free, gluten free, vegetarian or vegan, you won’t leaving on an empty stomach. There’s something for everyone at the Woodyard.

We suggest walking to the Woodyard form the hotel. It’s 350 meters away, up the street on Franklin Ave toward 41 Street. We make it easy to enjoy a night on the town.


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