Old Town Yellowknife

Our hotel is in the midst of Old Town Yellowknife, better known as the beating heart of our community. It’s here in the original town site where the old is made new again. History and innovation collide in a rustic mash-up of mansions, houseboats, float planes, and art galleries, cozy restaurants, historic monuments and more. You’ll enjoy pleasant walks through suburban streets, home to an array of interesting and rustic shops and cafes. There’s no shortage of wares unique to Yellowknife that make for perfect gifts and souvenirs. Stock up on gorgeous hand blown hanging lamps at the Glassworks gallery. Or, discover the artist within by signing up for a workshop. A glass artist will help you create your own design with a personal touch. Stop in a café and chat with the locals who are always eager to share the best of Yellowknife, from gorgeous hikes to great meals.

For the best view of Old Town Yellowknife, climb “The Rock” in the centre of the town-site. At the top you can pay tribute to the Bush Pilot Memorial while taking in the spectacular views of both old and new Yellowknife. It’s also the best place to witness the brilliant display of floating houseboats in Yellowknife Bay.


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