Top 5 Fishing Spots in Yellowknife


Yellowknife is home to some of the best fishing in all of Canada. From guided expeditions to solo adventures, you’ll be sure to have a memorable experience while casting your line in one of the many lakes found in this beautiful northern region.

Here are 5 fishing hotspots worth visiting on your next fishing getaway to Yellowknife:

  1. Yellowknife River Bridge – this site features a boat launch and a natural picnic area where you’ll often hear the silky voices of a variety of songbirds that make this area their home. Don’t have a boat? No problem. Yellowknife River Bridge has been known as a great spot to reel in Pike and Lake Trout from the shore!
  2. Pontoon Lake – this moderately sized lake is ideal for those who prefer the quiet solitude of fishing from a canoe. Paddle amongst native wildlife such as Beavers, Muskrats, Loons, Ducks, Terns, and even Weasels! The shallow and sometimes weedy areas of this lake are perfect for those who enjoy fishing for Pike.
  3. Prelude Lake – the shores of this lake play host to a large campground, making it the perfect place to catch some Pike or Lake Trout then head back to the campsite to prepare a delicious meal. This venue also features an expanse of scenic hiking trails and a group of rocky islands where the more adventurous fishermen/women tend to gather.
  4. Walsh Lake – this large lake stretches deep below the shoreline making it a fantastic place for those who enjoy reeling up monster cold water Trout. However, a word of warning – this lake is primarily fished by experienced anglers as the waters can quickly turn in the event of strong winds and unfavorable weather.
  5. Great Slave Lake – if you’re looking for the big catch, this is the place to do so. The waters of the Great Slave Lake have been known to reveal massive Lake Trout pushing 60 pounds! Troll behind your boat or test your fly-fishing skills on this large body of water.

No matter your skill level or which type of fish you prefer, Yellowknife has a fishing experience for everyone.

But remember – if you’re between the ages of 16 and 65, you must purchase a fishing license before testing your luck (or skill) on the waters.


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