What to Do When You Finally Arrive in Yellowknife

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The lazy man’s guide to Yellowknife

If you are deciding where to go for your next vacation, we recommend our beautiful capital Yellowknife! Every day is a day of festivals and feasts for the people of Yellowknife; we have an equally exciting landscape. Depending on the time of year you go, we have curated a list of activities perfect for you!


Yellowknife is close to the Arctic Circle, we have long winters and short, sun-less days. But that doesn’t stop locals from living plentifully. During the stretched nights from October to March, you can cozy up in the warm cabins and enjoy the breathtaking Aurora borealis lighting up the sky. While in the daytime, with layers of snow and frozen lakes nearby, you could go dog sledding, ice fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, ice-skating, and even driving over the Dettah Ice road over the frozen Great Slave Lake. If you prefer warmth, there are indoor activities like the Indigenous and northern arts museum and the galleries, and the best northern gourmet offerings. 


When the sun comes back up in March, it’s almost spring and the season for celebrations. There’s the Snowking festival that revolves around carving stuff from ice, and then igloo making demonstrations, dogsled races, and lots of events for everyone, which end with an enormous bonfire on the bay.


A lot goes around from April to August; the sun’s completely awake and the hibernation of the flora and fauna ends. You can hear the symphony of ice breaking and falling apart as it slowly melts away. With the longer days and bearable temperatures, there are tons of things to do like snow biking, giant kites and kite-skiing on the lake while it’s still frozen, hiking, trekking, camping, fishing, paddling, and lake-side parties. The cafes, farmers’ markets, and outdoor dining also open up. The solstice and heritage celebrations, the midnight-sun golf tournament, the musical extravaganza, and the floatplane fly-in keep you busy through the season.


September marks the transition to longer and chilly nights. The aurora reappears to light up the sky. You can still go for flying adventures with bays, islands, and boats beneath you, see the unparalleled landscape of autumn colours, and slowly watch the city changing into a winter wonderland. 

What season can we expect to see you? Yellowknife is the perfect destination to enjoy the rich culture, storied history, and breathtaking sights of Northern Canada. For a combination of exceptional comfort and economic value, choose to make Slave Lake Inn Yellowknife your home away from home in the North. VIEW OUR OFFERS


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