Pilot’s Monument

pilots monument yellowknife

Established in 1867, this popular monument honours the bush pilots and engineers who helped shape the Northwest Territories in the 1920s and 30s. Pilots flew the wilderness skies delivering supplies to remote villages, while engineers mapped out rivers, lakes and mountain passages. Many lives were lost in their quest to open the north to the rest of Canada.

To witness this impressive monument you’ll have to summit “The Rock”. Not Dwayne Johnson, but a rocky hill in the centre of Yellowknife’s Old Town.

If the idea of scaling mountains isn’t your idea of fun, don’t sweat it – you won’t have to break out the climbing gear to take selfies with this piece of history. Instead, picture yourself ascending six flights of stairs. If you can do that, you can conquer The Rock. Believe me, the view from the top is worth a minute of heavy breathing. Your reward is a 360 degree panoramic view of Old Town and Great Slave Lake.

To find the monument (from the hotel) follow Franklin Ave down into Old town. Turn left onto Wiley Road, then right onto Ingraham Drive. Park your car and experience history!


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