Visiting Yellowknife During the Winter Season


Yellowknife is the perfect destination to enjoy the rich culture, storied history, and breathtaking sights of Northern Canada. Yellowknife offers bountiful opportunities for wildlife viewing by air, land, water, and on foot. Nearly whichever mode of travel or excursion you choose, you’re likely to encounter Northern Canada’s wildlife — including bison, bear, moose, fox, beaver, caribou, whale, and many others.Yellowknife is a unique small town in Canada’s far north, where the northern lights dance across the sky in vivid shades of blue, green, pink and yellow. 

While a common misconception is that Yellowknife is inhabitable during the “frozen” winter months, over 20,000 people live in this charming small city.

So, what is the average winter temperature in Yellowknife? It ranges but you can expect minus 20 °C weather through the winter months. Have no fear! Many tour operators provide suitable outdoor wear including parkas, warm up pants, mitts, touques and boots. All rated for minus 30 °C or colder.

There are plenty of outside excursions waiting for you to try during the colder winter months. The Slave Lake Inn Yellowknife hotel is within walking distance to many popular local attractions including Yellowknife Bay, Pilot’s Monument, and Old Town Glassworks.

Visiting Yellowknife in winter can be a magical experience. There are plenty of tours to choose from that will keep you cozy and comfortable. Enjoy the beauty of the great white north. See you soon!


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